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  • Ruby at De Barber

    Ruby at De Barber

    Ruby is dedicated to her craft. De Barber in Down Town South Fremantle is where she hones her skills. She…

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  • Silver Boning Knife Pendant

    Silver Boning Knife

    From a hand-made prototype to finished addition to our culinary range. Our Wicked Trade Boning Knife Pendant is now available…

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  • Colours of Sunset Ring

    Colours of Sunset

    Colours of sunset. Orange, yellow, gold & silver ring. Available soon.

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  • Fused Silver and Gold Cuff Bracelet

    Fused Silver and Gold Cuff Bracelet

    Adding an Orange/Yellow Sapphire to a fused Silver and Gold cuff bracelet takes it to a different level. The customer…

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  • Silver Trowel Pendant

    Silver Hand Trowel Pendant

    Our hand trowel pendant is perfect for laying small bricks, decorating tiny cakes and celebrating perfect form and the beauty…

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  • Silver Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Silver Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Our Wicked Trade HB pencil cuff bracelet. Designed by artists for artists.

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  • Jess Meat Cleaver Pendant

    Jess at Common Ground

    Jess manages Common Ground Collective (@cmmngrnd) in Fremantle, also our outlet in #Freo. She fell in love with the meat cleaver…

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  • Boning Knife Pendant Preview

    Boning Knife Preview

    Solid progress. From handmade prototype to digital design. We can now produce the real McCoy.

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  • Silver Treble Clef Pendants

    Silver Treble Clef Pendant

    Musos, music lovers, buskers and minstrels know it’s all about the treble, not the base.

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  • Crocodile Skin Cuff Bracelet

    Crocodile Skin Cuff Bracelet

    A combination of silver & gold. The customer wanted the design to represent crocodile skin. Can you see it?

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