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  • Blue Fire Galaxy Ring

    Blue Fire Galaxy

    Blue Fire Galaxy. A blue/purple Sapphire surrounded by white and black diamonds and a few beautiful red rubies.

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  • Jess Meat Cleaver Pendant

    Jess at Common Ground

    Jess manages Common Ground Collective (@cmmngrnd) in Fremantle, also our outlet in #Freo. She fell in love with the meat cleaver…

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  • Red Ruby Tuning Fork Pendant

    Red Ruby Tuning Fork Pendant

    Will it still play a “D”? We added a Red Ruby to the tuning fork pendant in a silver ball…

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  • Blood Red Meat Cleaver Pendant

    For a splash of colour, we added a 2pt blood red ruby to our meat cleaver pendant. It somehow seemed…

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  • Custom Spanner Ring

    Custom Spanner Ring

    Our basic spanner ring takes on a whole new personality by simply adding a 18ct gold nut set with a…

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