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  • Silver Trowel Pendant

    Silver Hand Trowel Pendant

    Our hand trowel pendant is perfect for laying small bricks, decorating tiny cakes and celebrating perfect form and the beauty…

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  • Todd Hand Trowel Pendant

    Todd the Master Tiler

    Todd is a master tiler. His work is exceptional. He has earned the right to wear our golden hand trowel…

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  • Car Mechanic Collection

    Budding Car Mechanic

    Our spanner bracelet and other handy hand tools are perfect for the budding car mechanic.

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  • Hair Scissors Cuff Bracelet

    Hair Scissors Cuff Bracelet

    My hairdresser asked me to make a pair of her scissors into a cuff bracelet. Not that easy to bend.…

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  • Diamond Silver Hair Scissors Pendant

    Diamond Silver Hair Scissors Pendant

    You can ask us to add one of our beautiful 2pt yellow diamonds to your hair cutting scissors. In fact,…

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  • Gareth Hand Trowel Pendant

    Gareth the Landscape Designer

    Gareth is a landscape designer and is hands-on in bringing his designs to life. The trowel was an obvious choice…

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