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  • Fused Silver and Gold Cuff Bracelet

    Fused Silver and Gold Cuff Bracelet

    Adding an Orange/Yellow Sapphire to a fused Silver and Gold cuff bracelet takes it to a different level. The customer…

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  • Fritz Treble Clef Pendant

    Meet Fritz

    Meet Fritz, he is a lighting designer in the music industry. He is also an accomplished saxophonist. The gold treble…

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  • Blue Fire Galaxy Ring

    Blue Fire Galaxy

    Blue Fire Galaxy. A blue/purple Sapphire surrounded by white and black diamonds and a few beautiful red rubies.

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  • Crocodile Skin Cuff Bracelet

    Crocodile Skin Cuff Bracelet

    A combination of silver & gold. The customer wanted the design to represent crocodile skin. Can you see it?

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  • Gold Cuttlefish Band

    Gold Cuttlefish Band

    Cuttlefish cast yellow gold with hand refined band and set with 1 x 5pt Champaign diamond. The new owner loves…

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  • Golden Eye Ring

    Golden Eye Ring

    The magic combination of silver and gold in our, all-seeing, Golden Eye ring will fascinate and beguile all that it…

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  • Todd Hand Trowel Pendant

    Todd the Master Tiler

    Todd is a master tiler. His work is exceptional. He has earned the right to wear our golden hand trowel…

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  • Hairdressers Dream

    Hairdressers Dream

    Hairdressers just dream about getting their Wicked Trade hair scissors in gold or silver.

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  • Car Mechanic Collection

    Budding Car Mechanic

    Our spanner bracelet and other handy hand tools are perfect for the budding car mechanic.

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  • Wicked Trade Collection

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Whether you choose silver or gold, every piece of jewellery comes with our lifetime guarantee.

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