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  • Fused Silver and Gold Cuff Bracelet

    Fused Silver and Gold Cuff Bracelet

    Adding an Orange/Yellow Sapphire to a fused Silver and Gold cuff bracelet takes it to a different level. The customer…

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  • Silver Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Silver Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Our Wicked Trade HB pencil cuff bracelet. Designed by artists for artists.

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  • Crocodile Skin Cuff Bracelet

    Crocodile Skin Cuff Bracelet

    A combination of silver & gold. The customer wanted the design to represent crocodile skin. Can you see it?

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  • Silver Nail Cuff Bracelet Front

    Silver Nail Cuff Bracelet

    Our silver nail cuff bracelet is one of our most popular designs.

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  • Kym Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Kym the Artist

    Kym is an artist and model and works at @cmmngrnd in #freo which is also our Fremantle outlet. She loves our pencil cuff bracelet.

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  • Hair Scissors Cuff Bracelet

    Hair Scissors Cuff Bracelet

    My hairdresser asked me to make a pair of her scissors into a cuff bracelet. Not that easy to bend.…

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  • Mohammed the Entrepreneur

    Mohammed the Entrepreneur

    This is Mohammed. He is an entrepreneur and loved the Pencil Cuff Bracelet.

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  • Special Commission Bracelet

    A Special Comission

    A special commission blending Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold. We also added 4 x 2pt Yellow Diamonds.

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  • Cognac Diamnond Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Cognac Diamond Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Adding a stunning Argyle Cognac diamond to our pencil cuff bracelet could make someone very happy.

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  • Trio of Cuff Bracelets

    Trio of Cuff Bracelets

    This trio of cuff bracelets, are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. You can wear them either way with the opening…

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