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  • Fritz Treble Clef Pendant

    Meet Fritz

    Meet Fritz, he is a lighting designer in the music industry. He is also an accomplished saxophonist. The gold treble…

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  • Silver Treble Clef Pendants

    Silver Treble Clef Pendant

    Musos, music lovers, buskers and minstrels know it’s all about the treble, not the base.

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  • Silver Polishing Cloth

    Silver Polishing Cloth

    We send you a complimentary, anti-tarnish, silver polishing cloth with every order. So you can keep you Wicked Trade Jewellery…

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  • Teneeka Treble Clef Pendant

    Teneeka the Make-up Artist

    Teneeka is a make-up artist. She is also a lover of music. Our treble clef is her favourite. Order one…

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  • Ben Treble Clef Pendant

    Ben the Muso

    Ben is a muso, actor, tech wizard and all round talented human. He loves our gold treble clef which is…

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  • Catrin Treble Clef Pendant

    Catrin the Musician

    Catrin is a musician, composer and busker. She has an amazing voice and delights crowds in Fremantle. Our Treble Clef…

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  • Sailor Muso Silver Gold

    Sailor or Muso, Silver or Gold

    The perfect choice for a sailor who likes silver and a muso who likes gold. Our entire range is available…

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