• Silver Ships Wheel Pendant

    Silver Ships Wheel Pendant

    If you love to be beside the seaside then this could be perfect for you. The ships wheel is a…

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  • Wicked Trade Collection

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Whether you choose silver or gold, every piece of jewellery comes with our lifetime guarantee.

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  • Silver Polishing Cloth

    Silver Polishing Cloth

    We send you a complimentary, anti-tarnish, silver polishing cloth with every order. So you can keep you Wicked Trade Jewellery…

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  • Agnes Trowel Pendant

    Agnes the Psychologist

    Meet beautiful Agnes a psychologist originally from Uganda. Agnes fell in love with our gold hand trowel pendant.

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  • Silver Nail Earrings 5c

    Smaller Nail Earrings

    Our new smaller nail earring. Now just 35mm in diameter. Available late May early June.

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  • Silver Meat Cleaver Pendant

    Silver Meat Cleaver Pendant

    Our meat cleaver pendant is proving to be one of our most popular designs.

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  • Gold Highlighted Bracelet

    Yellow Gold Highlights

    Adding subtle Yellow Gold highlights to a simple silver bracelet takes it to a different level.

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  • Hair Scissors Cuff Bracelet

    Hair Scissors Cuff Bracelet

    My hairdresser asked me to make a pair of her scissors into a cuff bracelet. Not that easy to bend.…

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  • Mohammed the Entrepreneur

    Mohammed the Entrepreneur

    This is Mohammed. He is an entrepreneur and loved the Pencil Cuff Bracelet.

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  • Frying Pan Pendant Preview

    Frying Pan Pendant Development

    Our culinary range has become a real focus for us. We will soon be introducing our frying pan pendant. For…

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