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  • Silver Treble Clef Pendants
    Gold Treble Clef Pendant on Chest
    AUD $163

    Treble Clef Pendant

    This Treble Clef Pendant is for serious musicians from all walks of life. No matter what you play or listen to the treble clef is a classic enduring design that people love.

    Dimensions: 44mm - 1.6" Weight: 2.4g Sterling Silver *Chain not included

    AUD $163
    AUD $163
  • Silver Hair Scissors Pendant
    Ruby Hair Scissors Pendant
    AUD $168

    Hair Scissors Pendant

    Scissors Pendant. If you're an expert cutter you will love these. This design is extremely popular because of the attention to detail in scale and structure.

    Dimensions: 60mm - 2.5" Weight: 3.9g Sterling Silver *Chain not included

    AUD $168
    AUD $168