Wicked People

  • Ruby at De Barber

    Ruby at De Barber

    Ruby is dedicated to her craft. De Barber in Down Town South Fremantle is where she hones her skills. She…

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  • Fritz Treble Clef Pendant

    Meet Fritz

    Meet Fritz, he is a lighting designer in the music industry. He is also an accomplished saxophonist. The gold treble…

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  • Jess Meat Cleaver Pendant

    Jess at Common Ground

    Jess manages Common Ground Collective (@cmmngrnd) in Fremantle, also our outlet in #Freo. She fell in love with the meat cleaver…

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  • Todd Hand Trowel Pendant

    Todd the Master Tiler

    Todd is a master tiler. His work is exceptional. He has earned the right to wear our golden hand trowel…

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  • Kym Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Kym the Artist

    Kym is an artist and model and works at @cmmngrnd in #freo which is also our Fremantle outlet. She loves our pencil cuff bracelet.

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  • Agnes Trowel Pendant

    Agnes the Psychologist

    Meet beautiful Agnes a psychologist originally from Uganda. Agnes fell in love with our gold hand trowel pendant.

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  • Mohammed the Entrepreneur

    Mohammed the Entrepreneur

    This is Mohammed. He is an entrepreneur and loved the Pencil Cuff Bracelet.

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  • Teneeka Treble Clef Pendant

    Teneeka the Make-up Artist

    Teneeka is a make-up artist. She is also a lover of music. Our treble clef is her favourite. Order one…

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  • Ben Treble Clef Pendant

    Ben the Muso

    Ben is a muso, actor, tech wizard and all round talented human. He loves our gold treble clef which is…

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  • Alex Spanner Cuff Bracelet

    Alex is a Fixer

    Alex is studying events and arts management. He wants to specialise as a music event producer. He is also a…

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