Jewellery Range

  • Silver Boning Knife Pendant

    Silver Boning Knife

    From a hand-made prototype to finished addition to our culinary range. Our Wicked Trade Boning Knife Pendant is now available…

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  • Silver Trowel Pendant

    Silver Hand Trowel Pendant

    Our hand trowel pendant is perfect for laying small bricks, decorating tiny cakes and celebrating perfect form and the beauty…

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  • Silver Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Silver Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Our Wicked Trade HB pencil cuff bracelet. Designed by artists for artists.

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  • Silver Treble Clef Pendants

    Silver Treble Clef Pendant

    Musos, music lovers, buskers and minstrels know it’s all about the treble, not the base.

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  • Silver Nail Cuff Bracelet Front

    Silver Nail Cuff Bracelet

    Our silver nail cuff bracelet is one of our most popular designs.

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  • Silver Ships Wheel Pendant

    Silver Ships Wheel Pendant

    If you love to be beside the seaside then this could be perfect for you. The ships wheel is a…

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  • Silver Meat Cleaver Pendant

    Silver Meat Cleaver Pendant

    Our meat cleaver pendant is proving to be one of our most popular designs.

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  • Silver Spanner Pendant

    Silver Spanner Pendant

    Perfect for tightening small nuts. The spanner pendant proving popular amongst tradies who are proud to celebrate their profession.

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  • Silver Chisel Pendant

    The Versatile Chisel

    Even if you are a high-tech Tradie, you probably have one of these in your kit. Nothing can replace the…

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  • Easter Treasure Hunt

    Up the ante by adding some gold and silver to your Easter treasure hunt.

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