Custom Designs

  • Blue Fire Galaxy Ring

    Blue Fire Galaxy

    Blue Fire Galaxy. A blue/purple Sapphire surrounded by white and black diamonds and a few beautiful red rubies.

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  • Crocodile Skin Cuff Bracelet

    Crocodile Skin Cuff Bracelet

    A combination of silver & gold. The customer wanted the design to represent crocodile skin. Can you see it?

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  • Gold Cuttlefish Band

    Gold Cuttlefish Band

    Cuttlefish cast yellow gold with hand refined band and set with 1 x 5pt Champaign diamond. The new owner loves…

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  • Hair Scissors Cuff Bracelet

    Hair Scissors Cuff Bracelet

    My hairdresser asked me to make a pair of her scissors into a cuff bracelet. Not that easy to bend.…

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  • Special Commission Bracelet

    A Special Comission

    A special commission blending Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold. We also added 4 x 2pt Yellow Diamonds.

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  • Blue Sapphire Cuttlefish Ring

    Blue Sapphire Cuttlefish Ring

    A stunning royal blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18ct Gold Cuttlefish cast ring. You can design your own or we’ll…

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  • Cognac Diamnond Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Cognac Diamond Pencil Cuff Bracelet

    Adding a stunning Argyle Cognac diamond to our pencil cuff bracelet could make someone very happy.

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  • Red Ruby Tuning Fork Pendant

    Red Ruby Tuning Fork Pendant

    Will it still play a “D”? We added a Red Ruby to the tuning fork pendant in a silver ball…

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  • Diamond Silver Hair Scissors Pendant

    Diamond Silver Hair Scissors Pendant

    You can ask us to add one of our beautiful 2pt yellow diamonds to your hair cutting scissors. In fact,…

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  • Cuttlefish Casts

    Cuttlefish Casting

    Apart from making by hand, we also use cuttlefish bone to cast some prototypes. This method of casting is one…

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