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  • Boning Knife Pendant Preview

    Boning Knife Preview

    Solid progress. From handmade prototype to digital design. We can now produce the real McCoy.

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  • Microphone Pendant Development

    We are now in search of the perfect design for our microphone pendant to add to our musician’s range.

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  • Silver Nail Earrings 5c

    Smaller Nail Earrings

    Our new smaller nail earring. Now just 35mm in diameter. Available late May early June.

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  • Frying Pan Pendant Preview

    Frying Pan Pendant Development

    Our culinary range has become a real focus for us. We will soon be introducing our frying pan pendant. For…

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  • Boning Knife Development

    Boning Knife Development

    The Boning Knife Pendant is in the prototyping process. There are adjustments to be made to ensure the scale is…

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  • Silver Nail Earrings

    Silver Nail Earrings

    Nail earrings for the tradie in you or the tradie you love.

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  • Baseball Bat Preview

    Silver Baseball Bat Pendant Development

    The first official game of baseball was played in 1846 against a team of cricket players, beginning a new, uniquely…

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  • Tuning Fork Pendant Development

    Silver Tuning Fork Development

    We think it’s a D. We continue to develop our musician’s range with the tuning fork. It actually works, though…

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  • Cricket Bat Development

    Cricket Bat Development

    We are currently working on our sporting range. The next design is for the dedicated sports lover. Our cricket bat…

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