About Us

Nail Cuff Bracelet

Wicked Trade Jewellery evolved when a tradesman asked us to make him a nail cuff bracelet, in sterling silver, styled from a six-inch nail.

So, began the journey to our range of jewellery to celebrate trades with the first series expanding to hairdressers, chefs, musicians, sailors, professionals and craftspeople. We then took a firm decision to manufacture our range only in Australia to guarantee the quality and craftsmanship.

We found that a key to designing our range of specialist trade jewellery is accurate scaling. Drawings come first, but it was only through producing and then refining actual prototypes that we could see how the pieces should work.

Our Wicked Trade range offers a unique way to celebrate the invaluable benefits that these professions bring to our lives – your own endeavours, or those of that special someone.

We plan to add new designs to our range. Please let us know if you have a design idea, and if we decide to produce it, you can have the first one we make for free.